Vacation Reads for Adults

Life is a BeachIt’s hard to believe that summer is half over!  There are so many things I love about summer, but one of my favorite guilty summertime pleasures is reading! Continue reading

Kids React

Mother and daughter eating cereal and fruitI am admittedly not a TV watcher… if it’s not sports related, I’m pretty clueless.  However, I did happen to see a General Mills, Cheerios commercial back in May that made me smile.  At the time, I didn’t think of it as controversial, but sadly, that’s what it has become!  Perhaps some of you saw it?  Continue reading


iStock_000021122207XSmallWho inspires you?  In today’s technologically advanced world, it’s easy to “follow” people that you like and admire.  When I look at the long list of people that interest and intrigue me, it’s clear that there’s a common thread… they all inspire me! Continue reading

Independent Days

iStock_000003427506XSmallI would be remiss if I didn’t recognize that yesterday, July 4th, was Independence Day.  In the way of historical background, I submit the following from Wikipedia: Continue reading