Summer Reading

iStock_000010234350XSmallNo matter what school you’re kids attend or what grade they’ll be entering in the fall, there is always recommended summer reading.  Some kids love to read and would rather be reading than swimming, Continue reading

I Accept… Do You?

TraceyI mentioned in a prior blog that I have a new book coming out.  The book is called “Who Do I Look Like?” and it’s about my Chinese character, May.  She was adopted from China and doesn’t look like anyone else in her family.  This has created a bit of an identity crisis for May. Continue reading

Hooray for Dad!

iStock_000011769829XSmallMost men will agree that being a father is the most rewarding relationship that they will ever have. I think we are all familiar with the saying “Thank Heaven for Little Boys!”  It couldn’t be more true, as our “little boys” grow up to be men, and in most cases, Dads:-) Continue reading

New Book Highlights Nature and Nurture

MayGardenI have a new book coming out early next month. It’s about one of my nine characters, May. She is a Chinese girl that was adopted from China, and lives in the U.S. now. Continue reading