There Are No Shortcuts!

iStock_000014715682XSmallRecently, I did a book reading and signing at Nordstrom, South Coast Plaza. What a wonderful opportunity and a very fun afternoon!  Every time I have the occasion to do a reading/signing I try to make it work, as I get so much joy from spending time with the young children who are inevitably present. Continue reading

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Heart the houseIn honor of the brave citizens of Moore, Oklahoma, and its surrounding areas, and in honor of those that lost their lives in the devastating tornado, please pray, send positive thoughts and assist in any way possible. Our hearts go out to all the families impacted.

When we talk about these tragedies, the conversation inevitably leads to “why would you live there” or “why would you rebuild in a place where this happens so Continue reading

Learned Behavior

Boy And His Father Building A Storage Cabinet TogetherThis past weekend we took our children, ages 9 and 10 ½ to see the movie “42”, the story of Jackie Robinson.  It was a good movie and while parts of it were difficult to watch and some of the words difficult to hear, overall it was a good experience. Continue reading

Perseverance – Can You Teach it?

iStock_000006466303XSmallI was reading a book review this morning (done by my favorite anonymous reviewer!) and it got on the topic of Perseverance. I quote:

Perseverance n. Adherence to a course of action, belief or purpose without giving way; steadfastness. That’s a good trait to have. I think it’s pretty rare though and getting even more so these days because things are just easier to come by—information is right at our fingertips all the time. Continue reading

Who Are Your “People”?

Kids-ChaklboardThe other day I was talking to a friend about her 3 year old son, Thomas. She was sharing with me how much he loves his “Family Tree” book. 3 or 4 times throughout the day he’ll go pick it up, sit down and “read” out loud to anyone who will listen… usually Elmo, Big Bird and the Cookie Monster :) Continue reading